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Our Business Collection Services

TCLG is a group of lawyers who collect past due business accounts receivables from businesses across the United States. Our collection approach has been helping organizations collect past due account receivables more quickly more efficiently and more cost effectively than other approaches.

Our approach combines the best of collection agencies with the best of law firms giving our clients higher recover amounts more quickly with less cost.

At TCLG our services include:

  • Collections done the right way
  • Licensed lawyers recover past due amounts
  • Lower fees than collection attorneys or collection agencies
  • Effective use of our collection first mentality to collect past due amounts
  • Preserving your client relationships for future business
  • If necessary, our lawyers will litigate a claim on behalf of a client
  • Our lawyers communicate with our clients on a weekly basis
  • No long term contracts or agreements

Use lawyers to collect past due amounts quicker and more cost effectively than non-lawyer collectors.