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Our Fees & Guarantee

Keep in mind our clients pay no fees unless we collect your money. The Collection Law Group’s rates have been and will continue to be among the most competitive in our industry. Since there are many factors which will affect a rate (age, balance, volume, condition of debtor, etc.) we will gladly quote our most competitive rate based on your circumstances. You may obtain a quote by contacting us in one of the following ways:

Phone: 888-291-3103
E-mail: info@tclginc.com
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Our Guarantee

At The Collection Law Group we cannot guarantee that we can collect 100% of the money that is due and outstanding to a client. But we can guarantee this:

  • We will work on your behalf to collect outstanding monies due as if it was our own money that was outstanding.
  • We will collect monies due and outstanding with professionalism and integrity.
  • We will work to be more effective in collecting outstanding amounts than any other agency or firm.
  • We will collect outstanding amounts with the most cost effective approach for our clients.

We are confident that our Guarantee will provide our clients with the best possible collection services because we combine the best of a collection agency with the best of a law firm. This results in our clients recovering more money more quickly.