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Below are some common questions that potential clients ask us at TCLG, Inc.

Q: Is there an upfront cost to engage TCLG?

A: No. We provide all our Business collection services on a contingency basis – we get paid only if we collect money due you.

Q: What is a Business Collection Claim as Opposed to A Consumer Claim?

A: A business claim is a claim that arises from a business transaction. Meaning one business provides goods or services to another business. A business claim arises when the business that received the goods or services refuses to pay for one reason or another. A consumer claim is one that results from a consumer making a purchase of a goods or services and the consumer fails to pay for the goods or services. If an individual provides a personal guaranty to another business entity to guarantee some type of performance of a business transaction, then the claim against the guarantor would be considered commercial. At TCLG we only handle business claims.

Q: Is a local or national collection best to collect past due amounts?

A: When it comes to debt collection, being local is not critical. The effectiveness of a commercial collection firm is determined far more by the background and training of the collectors, the collection approach, persistence, timely follow-up, and understanding exactly why a debtor is not paying past due amounts. Most of this work is done over the phone or by fax; most research is done via Internet and phone – so location is not a factor. TCLG provides commercial collection services to clients all over the world who have debtors located in the United States.

Q: Does TCLG handle claims in all states?

A: Yes, we provide debt collection services throughout the United States. We also assist our regular business collection clients with international debts with referrals to qualified attorneys in the debtors local area.

Q: What does TCLG charge for collection services?

A: There is no fee unless we collect your money. As each situation is different, we need to speak with clients to determine which of our extremely competitive and discounted rates apply.

Q: What is the smallest size debt TCLG will help collect?

A: For our regular clients we will provide debt collection services on amounts as small as $100. For new clients we prefer that the first claim be at least $1,000.

Q: What is the largest size debt TCLG will help collect?

A: We handle claims as high as several hundred thousand dollars.

Q: What makes TCLG different from other collections firms?

A: The thing that makes TCLG different than other collection firms is we are the best of a collection agency and the best of a law firm combined in one with fees that are the lowest in the industry. This all means more recovery dollars more quickly in the hands of our clients.

Q: What information is needed to place an account for collections?

A: All we need to get started is a claim form filled out and backup information which usually includes a statement of account, invoices, and any other proof that services have been performed or goods have been delivered and accepted.

Q: What is TCLG remit policy?

A: Our remit to policy is unique within the collection industry. Debtors pay all of our approved clients directly and we bill for our services. Our bills are due upon receipt and are normally paid within seven days of their receipt.

Q: When is a good time to contact a business collection firm?

A: When a debt is past due and you discover the debtor is in a serious financial condition or the debtor demonstrates bad faith and loses credibility by not keeping promises or failing to communicate.

Q: How old of a debt can I place?

A: TCLG can collect on outstanding debts as long as they are within the Statute of Limitations. Keeping in mind that the longer debt goes without being paid the more difficulty it is to collect.

Q: Do I Need to Sign a Contract When Placing a Claim with TCLG?

A: TCLG does not require contracts to be signed when placing a claim for recovery. The terms of TCLG’s representation of clients is outlined in our terms and condition which is a part of our claim form. For those clients who wish to have a debt recovery services contract, TCLG will draft the contract to be approved by all parties.

Q: How do I find out about the Status of my Account (s) with TCLG?

A: TCLG prides itself on communicating the status of accounts placed with us in a timely expeditious fashion. We communicate the status of accounts verbally during weekly/monthly telephone calls and also communicate the status of files via weekly and monthly reports sent directly to clients. At The Collection Law Group we pride ourselves on communication and will tailor a communication protocol that works for all clients.

Q: What if I already have a Judgment and Require Judgment Execution services?

A: One of TCLG’s specialties is locating assets of judgment debtors and attaching those assets in order to satisfy money judgments. If you have an existing judgment which has yet to be recovered, simply fill out a Claim Form (Click Here) and send it to us via email or fax. As soon as we receive the form one of our collection lawyers will follow up with you to discuss the matter with you and arrange a fee that makes sense based on the nature of the judgment.